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Natural men’s hair products

Have you seen a great men’s hair style and wondered what the product used was? I certainly went down that path of chasing the best hair product any celebrity or instagram ad would recommend. Some are certainly better than others but if I found something I liked there was always a draw back. Either the hold was too strong or not enough, the hold was good but left my hair feeling tacky or looking greasy or if something got close enough to what I was looking for the price was ridiculous or it was full of chemicals. After enough, I figured there had to be a way to style my hair naturally that would give my hair enough hold to style it with out any harsh chemicals and without an obvious sheen or texture visible. So I made my own. I Figured If I could make it an affordable option that I could start this passion project of mine and share some of the hair styling success I’ve had with others who are probably going down the same path I was. My initial offering is Earth and Tallow; a light to medium hold hair crème made of clay, tallow and rosemary. When applied properly I think you’ll find you will appreciate how it performs just as much as I do.


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